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Before we can Unite with our Twin Flames...

Before we can Unite with our Twin Flame / Soul Mate...


Our existence is a vibrational force. Our being vibrates at different frequencies depending on different thoughts, feelings, soul consciousness and we attract to us identical vibrations. On the earth plane of harmonious opposites, we attract in the very souls whom need similar healing or complimentary healing and awakening to ourselves. We will both meet at a time when we both need this most, when something’s got to give and we need transformation because we’ve been stuck in a rut for long enough.  


That is why we meet the very soul/s whom are at the same or similar frequencies to ourselves. Therefore, if we believe our twin flame's / soul mate’s are at fault, then likely, we secretly feel we have these faults too. Could it be that sometimes a person's "fault" is to lack trust in the other, in the reasons behind this connection and therefore we attract the very things we subconsciously try to avoid?


Could it be that we spend all this time thinking "if only the he/she would do this or that then we could be together", that we are missing the point that we lack faith in this connection ourselves, that we have issues with trust, vulnerability, of letting our true selves be seen because of how society says we “should” be? We lack trust that all is happening for our highest good. But trust takes time and needs to be earned – that is healthy.


We blind ourselves with wanting the connection to be a set way, therefore  we cannot see that it is the way it is right now because we are still needing to learn something and that the destination we are so focussed on might be a limited perception of what the outcome might be anyway?

Could it be that we are missing the point that reunion might be in a way which we cannot even comprehend as human beings? In a much BIGGER way? Could it be that our union may have nothing to do with being together in a "traditional" romantic relationship? What if that's not a bad thing? What if we are open to an even bigger possibility that is even beyond the physical?

I believe many twin flames / soul mates are missing the point by LIMITING this connection by focussing too much on wanting to "be with them" in the physical, to the point of missing the lessons right now which are keeping them apart. We need to get out of the "categorising" and "earthly ideals" way of thinking and broaden our minds to understand the SOUL. But this is all part of the twin flame / soul mate journey; We set ourselves limits so that we can eventually overcome them and become stronger, wiser, more loving souls as a result.

I have said this before but I will say it again, hopefully to help people ponder and see the bigger picture. TwinSOULS / SOUL mates are primarily about the SOUL. They are the identical or very similar vibrational frequency of us and that means we need to be happy within ourselves before we can see the bigger picture in all this. If you cannot accept the connection in it's present state, then you are not ready for reunion because it means you will be unhappy that you don't have it the way you want it. That doesn’t mean you can’t have hopes or wishes for things to progress between you both, but you need acceptance that there are no guarantees that it will work out in the way you want in this lifetime.


Yes, we all hope to be united with our twinsouls / soul mates in the physical, but we may not have planned it to happen that way. This is the lesson we need to work through, to be able to see this as much more beyond physical circumstances. We are being prepared for Ascension, to exit our cycle of reincarnation on earth, so these lessons are to prepare us for soul consciousness as opposed to only believing in what the eye can see and the social beliefs we have learnt to believe as truth that may not be true.

I believe we need to find acceptance WITHIN OURSELVES. We long for the other so much because really we are longing to become whole with OURSELF and Source. We want to connect so badly because we feel there are still parts of us that need healing, completing and we mistakenly think the other will complete us, instead of US completing ourselves. We are all Source too – we are all Creators with our Free Will. It comes from WITHIN before it is reflected back to us from the outer.

Ironically, the separation occurs in order for us to long for the other so much until we do learn to accept, through creating the love they feel for us within ourselves FIRST, and along the way. This is an ongoing process. The only time we will fully unite (and I'm not talking physically necessarily, but it's a possibility depending on the chosen path) is when we have finally learned to ACCEPT OURSELVES and feel complete within ourselves, on both sides.

When twin flames / soul mates run, they are really running from THEMSELVES. They are reflections of us, we are reflections of them, and the connection highlights the parts of us that need working on and "fixing" or accepting in order to become our true selves again. This is MAJOR and very scary. We all have "issues" (lessons to learn) and it is painful to think about our perceived weaknesses. We blame ourselves and feel unworthy. We mistakenly think we "aren't good enough" or aren't even a "good person" if we believe we have faults. But they aren't faults, just lessons, but of course we don't see it like that at first. The soul CHOSE these traits/circumstances in order to ultimately teach us to forgive ourselves, to LOVE ourselves, and others. But of course, at first, we just see them as our weaknesses and believe we are unworthy until we "sort them out" but we mistake that for meaning becoming perfect which is unattainable and therefore keeps us stuck in a negative cycle.

And this is what the twin flame / soul mate offers us to face up to. We see those "faults" in ourselves clearer than ever before. This scares us MORE THAN ANYTHING and we mistakenly think its confirmation that we are unworthy – our biggest fear. We experience this wonderful person and it highlights to us all our "faults". We know each other so well in soul and have similar issues, so reflect each other and attract in to each other the very things we need to heal.


The pain always comes before the healing though. With the twin flame's / soul mate’s presence (in soul and in physical) we finally have to face up to those things, and quite often we don't want to (this is subconsciously). The very things about ourselves we have tried to distract ourselves from because we have been so ashamed are finally out in the open, seen completely by ourselves for the first time, and also seen by our twin flame / soul mate. So we run, until finally we realise through the increased love, and awareness of our inner selves (Source consciousness), that we have ALWAYS been worthy and that we are good enough. Then we can heal, as we realise that more and more of our subconscious pains about ourselves don't mean we are "bad" people.

You see, we are really wanting to become our complete SELVES. We still need to work on our side of the vibration before we can fully unite with their side of the vibration and vice versa. Our true selves are One, one with our twinsouls / soul mates, one with the universe, one with the Source. We are one and the same. All these things make up "ourself". We are wanting to reconnect with ourselves.

I do understand why we tend to focus so much on the physical side of things at first. I mean, this is what we are so used to on this physical plane. I do believe though, that as we all reach a higher soul consciousness, we see things CLEARER, meaning, we can see a much bigger picture outside of this physical world. Yes, the physical is important if it's part of the path, but we must remember that we exist on this earth to develop the SOUL which goes far beyond it.

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