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"Healing for Twin Soul Reunion" Ebook by Karen Crystal

Healing for Twin Soul Reunion by Karen Crystal
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If you are feeling stuck on your journey to reunion with both your inner soul self and your twin flame and this is creating confusion and emotional trauma then “Healing for Twin Soul Reunion” is a must read in order to help you reach a greater understanding of the blocks within yourselves that need healing and how you can go about setting yourself free from your limitations that negative thought patterns create.

Before we can reunite with our twin flame, we first need to heal ourselves and become whole as individuals so nothing can stand in our way of complete Eternal bliss. Most of the blocks we have within ourselves are locked in our subconscious and it takes conscious effort to allow them to rise to the surface so we can heal them and make way for Oneness with our twin flame.

The book is best read accompanied by "The Twin Soul Survival Guide: Working Towards Reunion" for maximum healing. 

So what are the blocks that are standing in the way of you healing yourself and paving the way to reunion with your twin soul? And how are you going to overcome them? How are you going to achieve healing? How are you going to come back to absolute peace, love and happiness?
The ebook will help you to:
- discover the most common pitfalls that twins are faced with and need to overcome.
- learn how to love yourself unconditionally.
- discover how to bring your life into greater balance.
- experience the four key emotions we must open up to in order to truly heal from our pasts.
- release old dogmas that have been holding you back.
- begin to really look past social ideals into your true soul consciousness.
- forgive yourself and your twin.
- teach you the ways in which we limit our success to punish ourselves.
- show you the ways in which we seek approval from others to validate ourselves.
- teach us how to break free from our comfort zones.
- stop feeling like we need to be perfect.
- overcome your biggest fears about yourself.
- give up jealousy.
With the aid of Healing for Twin Soul Reunion you will be able to obtain the answers you require and learn invaluable techniques to overcome the obstacles that are holding you back from the joy that is rightfully yours.
This is the second ebook written in the Twin Soul series and it delves very deeply into the specific emotional traumas we hold onto that keep us blocked. You will learn how to recognise your own blocks, how you subconsciously punish yourself and hold yourself back and effectively eliminate the obstacles through intensive healing. The ebook will help you to pave the way to unity firstly with yourself in order to learn your life lessons to be ready for reunion with your twin flame. 
Healing for Twin Soul Reunion is a truly life-changing book and I have witnessed my readers rapidly transform from their depressed, confused and deeply wounded states into peaceful, enlightened, loving and happy souls. The transformation I have seen in my readers has been astounding. This second ebook in the series, which I have written with the aid of my Spirit Guide AstridPirellious, whom are Ascended Twin Flames of my soul family, has thoroughly enhanced the lives of many who have read it and have exercised an open mind.
The book goes into FAR more detail than ANY other twin flame book I have ever read. In most books it merely describes what a twin flame is and gives examples of real life stories, which is all very well, but I felt those books left me feeling no more closer to understanding why things were so chaotic or any closer to working towards reuniting with my twin whatsoever. Most of us are looking for ANSWERS, methods of self-awakening and healing, ways to find peace and love and ways to positively and effectively work towards our reunion with our twin flame.
Healing for Twin Soul Reunion goes into enormous depth about an extensive number of important steps to take and issues to be overcome in order to reunite with your twin flame and find great happiness in your life.
 The ebook is packed with meditations throughout to heal you both and realign your energies to aid you with Joining on all levels.
So if you are looking for a no-nonsense, easy-to-read book that will give you more in depth answers to help you unite with your twin flame through loving yourself first then look no further.
It is here!
Come back into balance today, feel the love RIGHT NOW and know you are well on your way to reunion with your twin flame.
The ebook is ONLY £22.50 which is such a great price for such a life-changing read.
I believe in fate and that if you are reading this now, then it is because you have come to the right place. I trust you will be extremely pleased with the book like so many other’s have been.
I wish you peace on your spiritual journey towards profound love, happiness and peace.
Love and blessings,
Karen Crystal x
Customer feedback:
"This book has been invaluable in my healing. I refer to it over and over. I can‘t thank you enough." Cristine, UK
"Reading this book is like taking a trip back into my past! It describes everything I have felt in this connection with my twin soul and it is helping me so much to overcome all the obstacles that have been standing in my way of true happiness. Thank you." Clare, Australia
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