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How to Head Towards Reunion

Karen: “How long does the process of reuniting with your twin soul / soul mate take?”

Pirellious: “Firstly not all are supposed to reunite with their twin soul / soul mate in a romantic way. Or on earth. Sometimes souls may even be reuinted in the Spirit World but choose to come to earth and meet and not be together, but rather have their paths cross briefly for learning purposes. Souls can express their love in any way they wish in the Spirit World. 
When it comes to soul mates, it may take many lifetimes to reunite successfully, or possibly just one. It all depends on the individual's free will and how quickly they learn to look inwards to their intuition for guidance rather than outside of themselves or their ego. It is always different for individual couplings.
Also it can be determined by many others factors: how many incarnations they have had on earth, how many lessons they still need to learn in order to reach enlightenment, how many other souls they are to connect with in love, how much karma is still needed to balance etc etc. There is no set answer and twin souls and soul mates will unite when they are both ready.”
Karen: “Can we delay our reunion in any way?”
P: “Yes, of course. Destiny may bring two souls together, but free will may drive them apart. Fear is the opposition to love. Learning to overcome fear is essential if union is to occur in this lifetime.         
Opening the channels to love and reunion takes time and often cannot be rushed. It is primarily brought into fruition through concentrating on mending the self from old wounds that have often been brought through from previous lives. Sometimes we may have irrational fears that don't seem to come from anywhere in this current lifetime, but have rather bled through from past lives. 
Blame must be dissolved by love and understanding. If there is pain caused by interaction with the twin soul or soulmate, you must look within to see exactly why these old wounds are being sparked. Often our twin soul / soulmate brings up the very wounds in us that need to be healed. These wounds were not caused by our twin soul / soulmate, but by false negative beliefs about ourselves we have picked up through our many lifetimes. These need to be dealt with rather than pushed down or blaming another for your pain. We are all responsible for our own happiness. If something touches a nerve, it means there is something within us that we haven’t come to accept.
          People get caught up in the notion of making “mistakes” because they feel they made a “wrong” judgement and as a result something bad happened. They don’t see this as an opportunity to grow, a blessing in disguise that they can learn from and create new peace from. Self-blame and guilt takes over making them feel they don’t deserve happiness after being so stupid and making the mistake. However, the “mistake” was in fact an act of karma being released in order for that person to learn something, to find greater balance. The key is to find that balance instead of remaining imbalanced by concentrating on the negatives.”
Karen: “Do twin souls / soulmates awaken both at the same time to this connection and the enlightenment it brings?”
Astrid: “No they do not always awaken both at the same time, however, they usually develop at similar times and if not, then another soulmate may be contracted into their life who will be at a similar level of growth so they can continue their learning together. The twinsoul / soulmate who awakens first often helps the other to begin their journey of awakening too but be cautious of putting your own needs and life on hold trying to help the other as becoming a martyr to the connection is often codependency in disguise."
Karen: “How do the souls “influence” each other exactly?”
Astrid: “The souls will be connected energetically kind of like they are attached by an embillical chord. What one feels, the other feels. However, the more enlightened soul has most sway and can help the other awaken and find peace by consciously working on their own inner peace. The more enlightened one can send love through the cord whenever they feel more negative energies coming through it.” (Added 01/05/2012: I feel it morally wrong to send another person energetic healing without their permission. However, if you are connected by a soul cord to someone, you can work on sending yourself healing energies and this will automativcally be sent through the chord to them anyway).
Karen: “Why do some twin souls / soulmates become lovers whilst some have other kinds of physical relationships, like friends?"
Astrid: “Your twin soul / soulmate could be your lover, your boss, your brother or your mother.” There is no set rule saying how twin souls / soulmates “should” come together on the earth plane. Usually they will meet in different lifetimes in different scenarios. These physical interactions take place in order to “wake each other up” so they become aware that something is going on beyond what they have made sense to be real in every day life. These physical meetings are the catalyst to introducing the spiritual side of things into their lives. It does not necessarily mean they will be together in a physical relationship after awakening. It depends on their individual life purposes as to how they will interact on earth.
          Some twin souls / soulmates will remain in the Spirit World and will watch over their other soul mates to help them awaken. There are no set rules."

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