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More Reasons for Physical Separation

More Reasons for Twin Soul / Soul Mate Separation

There are many important reasons why many twin souls / soul mates go through physical separation from each other. This is something that is driven primarily by the soul and not necessarily the individual. Perhaps you aren’t supposed to stay together in the physical because the universe has another path for you which is for your Highest Good. You may be more suited for another partner who can be there for you physically, mentally and emotionally. Such a connection would likely bring you more peace rather than the rollercoaster ride associated trying to force a connection to be a certain way in the physical when it’s not supposed to be.

And yes, even if we are talking about a twin soul, there is no need to try and force a physical connection with a host body whom we believe is carrying a part of our own soul, because we always reconnect with all parts of our soul in the spirit world between lifetimes anyway. We are supposed to see these connections, the mirrors of ourselves as a guide to show us how we can heal and empower ourselves so we don’t feel we can only be “completed” by another. But don’t make the mistake of wanting to rush to get to the spirit world, because this will cause you to stop living your life and miss the lessons and you will only have to come back again and relive all the lessons again until you properly work through them. Holding out for this soul or person to complete us, is to miss the lessons completely.

Even though it may appear that one or perhaps both twin souls / soul mates are denying/pushing away/running from the connection because they don’t care, really it is because the SOUL, the person has issues to work through that this soul connection is supposed to highlight to them. It may never be about being together in the physical, and all about learning the growth lessons. The soul dictates when reunion will occur, whether in the physical or in the spirit world, therefore until the soul has decided it's time, then no amount of trying to force yourselves to be together before that time will work. And no amount of “perfecting yourself” for the other, will work, because there is no such thing as perfection – we are not here to reach perfection, but to embrace and accept ourselves for who we truly are.

But this physical separation occurs primarily to "wake us up". All preconceptions about the connection will need to be looked at and if the twin souls / soul mates have any false ideas about what the connection "should be" and are not accepting it for what it really is, then they will need to continue on in separation until they are aware of the true reality of this soul connection.

Firstly we need to look past the ego that contains all the "shoulds" and expectations, the conditions. Mostly what we blame our twin souls / soul mates for is really what we are blaming ourselves for on a subconscious level. There are parts of ourselves we may be rejecting, denying, scolding, punishing ourselves for. To try and ignore this pain, we put the focus on our twin soul / soul mate not giving us something which we believe would make us happy and complete us. But really we need to realise it is OURSELVES not giving us what we need for happiness and fulfilment – self-love and acceptance. Until we realise the problem will continue to manifest itself between the twin souls / soul mates as they mirror it back to each other, possibly over several lifetimes.

The physical separation also helps us to become aware of just how important, how significant this twin soul / soul mate connection really is. If we were to be together immediately with no problems then surely we would take it more for granted and be unaware of just how important, how significant the connection is. In being physically separated but feeling this pull and experiencing all the psychic, spiritual phenomena that occurs with twin soul / soul mate connections, we become aware that this is something MASSIVELY important. It helps us to look inwards to discover WHY it is so important and this also spurs us onto awakening.

I believe that soul connections are eternal. Even if in this lifetime things don’t work out how you may have wanted, be assured there was a great purpose to the meeting and recognition of each other. But even if it’s not in this lifetime, you will meet again and you will be able to have everything you want together. I believe the spirit realm is a place where earthly limitations do not exist – ego, fear, jealousy, disconnection. I believe we have many soul mates with whom we will connect with in any way we desire in our true homes, the spirit world. This will not be considered as “cheating” because there is no possessiveness or need for “lawful”, “practical” or “biological” reasons to only be with one person / soul. This may sound like wishful thinking on my part or a desire to have my cake and eat it, but I feel it is true.

The purpose of our lives and souls is connection - to connect firstly with ourselves so deeply that we feel worthy enough to connect with others by revealing our true selves so we can really be SEEN. The only aspects of ourselves that lead to disconnection are earth bound aspects – fear, jealousy (insecurity), physical circumstances such as living a long distance from each other, wanting validation because we are not accepting ourselves etc. In the spirit world, these limitations do not exist, so why would we be limited to connecting to one soul with the result of being DISconnected to another, i.e. being exclusive to one soul in a particular way meaning we would disconnect from / deny love (what souls are made of) for another? In the spirit world, love is love and only in the physical world do we separate it into different kinds for biological reasons.

We can have two (or more) parents, many siblings, many friends etc whom we can love all equally, for their unique qualities they bring to our lives. But for reasons of parenting and legality, we are restricted on earth in many cultures, to monogamy with one “romantic” partner, even if truly in our souls we can love many persons / souls in a “romantic” way. My point is, in the spirit world, I do not feel such legalities, parenting and insecurity limitations exist.

It is so deeply ingrained in many of our cultures that to love more than one person in a romantic sense is “cheating” or “betraying” because this is the idea that has been fed to us through many many generations so obviously it must be true. But I feel it is so wrong to be made to believe that love can be bad or wrong. Our ACTIONS can be bad or a mistake, but emotions are never wrong, they just ARE. That is truth. Again, I am not advocating physically cheating if you agree to be with someone whom believes in monogamy, because that would be a betrayal. However, I believe “emotional infidelity” is something made up by insecure people to try and stop people from being authentic with themselves through repression. It’s also why I have some issues with certain religions, but that is another topic.

Anyway, back to the physical separation. Our physical separation helps us to realise and strengthen our connection to God/dess. I use God/dess because I think why the hell would it be a man in the sky?? Seriously… Doesn’t all the equals and opposites in the world / universe make the idea of a man in the sky just ridiculous? Male – Female, Light – Shadow, Love – Fear, Up – Down, the list goes on… for miles. It seems another thing that is annoyingly so engrained within our culture. Okay, I will refer to it as Source.

Source resides within us, we are divine beings and having the space from our twin souls / soul mates to concentrate on our relationship with ourselves, with Source, helps us to come back to self-love and acceptance. This is what harmonises our energies with our twin souls / soul mates  and creates twin soul / soul mate healing to bridge the gap between them for reunion to eventually occur.

As we work on our individual selves, the female aspect of ourselves learns to develop more independence (primarily masculine) and the masculine aspect develops expressing emotion in a constructive manner (primarily feminine). Please note that I am not talking about men and women, but masculine and feminine. Women can be masculine and men can be feminine. Therefore the twin souls / soul mates have the room to grow and develop both these aspects to bring them into balance and harmony. Please note, we all have free will, therefore a person can CHOOSE to either work on themselves or not, but that will result in further incarnations to get to the root of the problem.

Think about what you have learnt from the separation - what are the good things that have resulted from this? Have you grown more as an individual? Have you awakened more spiritually? Have you learnt more about yourself? Have you developed more of your intuition? What else?

This is all happening for a reason. It is nobody's "fault" but just the path of your souls to help you learn and grow the most in preparation for reunion with self and your other soul mates.

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