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Telepathy Between Soul Connections

Karen: "How does telepathy between soul mates work?"

Astrid: "There are multiple channels of energy that run through people / souls, connecting them together and to other soul family members, up through to Source and down to the rest of the universe. Telepathy works when the soul mates vibrate at the same or similar frequency that sparks the channels between their minds (mental plane) and auric fields to allow communication to happen between them. There is a sharing of mental energy, or sometimes other channels will vibrate that will enable soul emotions to be felt which in turn sparks this mental energy.

When one soul comes to tell another a message telepathically, or through soul and aura frequency, this sparks the same frequency in the other (as the are one already) and they are able to hear and send each other messages in this manner. It is similar to when spirit guides and other ascended souls communicate to earthlings through intuition. This is our frequency being delivered to the recipient to warn them or give them a "green light" about situations along their path. 

Sometimes when soul mates communicate either through the mind or through speech, they give off "false signals" in terms of saying things they don't really mean in order to push the other away. However, soul mates can identify the truth by feeling the energies being sent through the intuition, auric field. The intuition between soul mates, the exchange of soul energy cannot be hiden and it will show how the other REALLY feels. This is what soul mates must focus on - the eternal soul and not the immortal mind that creates blocks and restrictions to communication.

Soul mates always communicate in soul at all times, even if subconsciously. Often feelings and emotions that pop up from seemingly nowehere are from the other soul / person. That is why you must strive to be as happy and full of love as you can be - so this can be true for the other too."

Karen: "Do twin souls / soul mates always communicate through soul, even before they have met on earth or awakened?"

A: "Yes, twinsouls / soul mates will always communicate in these ways even before they are consciously aware of each other on the Earth plane. The twinsouls / soul mates are never fully separate. Therefore, the connection is always present, even if one is on earth and the other in the Spirit World.

The communication between the Spirit World and the humans on Earth is what helps channel love back to the Earth. It is a lesson in growth to be able to put aside the ego and hear the messages from the Spirit World. All have this ability, but ,many have forgotten it through many incarnations ignorant of their spiritual nature.

K: "Can telepathy increase between twinsouls / soul mates as they awaken further?"

A: "Yes of course. Like will all things, practise makes it easier and more acutely noticeable in the conscious mind."   

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