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"The Twin Soul Survival Guide: Working Towards Reunion" ebook by Karen Crystal

"The Twin Soul Survival Guide: Working Towards Reunion" ebook by Karen Crystal
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If you are going through the tough and enormously confusing emotions that a twinsoul connection brings to our lives, then “The Twin Soul Survival Guide: Working Towards Reunion” is a must read in order to help you reach a greater understanding of what is happening on the soul level and why it is happening and creating such many difficulties between you.
We are all seeking deeper awakening and high levels of peace, especially amongst such turbulent times with our twinsouls and it is through this ebook that you will find the answers to your burning questions of how you can unite with your twinsoul and reach greater happiness in the meantime.
The Twin Soul Survival Guide is a truly life-changing book, seeing readers rapidly transform from their depressed, confused and deeply wounded states into peaceful, enlightened, loving and happy souls. The transformation I have seen in my readers has been astounding. The ebook, which has been inspired by my Spirit Guide AstridPirellious’s channelled messages, whom are Ascended Twin Souls of my soul family, has radically improved the lives of many who have read it and have exercised an open mind.
The book goes into FAR more detail than ANY other twinsoul book I have ever read. In most books it merely describes what a twinsoul is and gives examples of real life stories, which is all very well, but I felt those books left me feeling no more closer to understanding why things were so chaotic or any closer to working towards reuniting with my twin whatsoever. Most of us are looking for ANSWERS, methods of self-awakening, reasons for why out twin rejects us, methods to heal ourselves and ways to positively and effectively work towards our reunion with our twinsoul.
The Twin Soul Survival Guide: Working Towards Reunion goes into great depth about an extensive number of important steps to take and issues to be overcome in order to reunite with your twin and find great happiness in your life. It details on the following subjects:

·        Why some twins run away from the connection
·        How to deal with the difficult emotions
·        Why you aren’t together yet
·        The Cycle of Separation and Connection
·        How to live in your soul-consciousness instead of your ego-consciousness
·        Removing fear blockages
·        How to not take the conflicts with your twin so personally
·        Dealing with the connection when you are married
·        How to surrender to your path towards reunion without fear
·        How to love yourself and therefore your twin too
·        Dealing with the Mirror, the reflected insecurities and emotional traumas
·        How to TRUST in the love, the connection and stop thinking you are just “crazy”
·        How to heal your regrets
·        How to break through negative belief systems that are holding you back
·        Finding wholeness in SELF first in order to reflect wholeness in twin
·        How to trust in your intuition
·        How to overcome feeling vulnerable
·        How to accept yourself, your path, your connection as it is right now
·        How to draw in positive energies
·        How to let go of the need to be “perfect”
Through my searching and finding that these other books could not give me the deep and true answers I was seeking, I began to look inward. This was when I began channelling messages from my spirit guides about twinsouls and truly began to awaken rapidly to the twinsoul reality, lifting the veil of the ego and being shown my purpose is to spread the twinsoul message to help awaken others. I am a Lightworker and this is my last incarnation on Earth before my reunion with my twinsoul and have had hundreds lifetimes on earth so I am what most people refer to as an “Old Soul”. There is so much confused messages about twinsouls out there on the web and in the other books I have read, and my purpose is to show you the true message, the true reality of these profoundly loving unions.
The ebook is packed with prayers and meditations to heal you both and realign your energies to speed up Joining on all levels.
So if you are looking for a no-nonsense, easy-to-read book that will give you more in depth answers to help you unite with your twinsoul and find comfort from the pain in the meantime, then look no further.
It is here!
Come back into balance today, feel the love RIGHT NOW and know you are well on your way to reunion with your twinsoul.
The ebook is ONLY £22.50 which is such a great price for such a life-changing read.
Comes in a PDF file recognised by nearly all computers.
I believe in fate and that if you are reading this now, then it is because you have come to the right place. I trust you will be extremely pleased with the book like so many other’s have been.
I wish you peace of your spiritual journey towards profound love, happiness and peace.
Love and blessings,
Karen Crystal x
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