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Twin Flame Signs

Twin Flame Signs / Soulmate Signs


There are many signs that you have found your twin flame or soulmate and they can varied. Not everyone will resonate will all of the twin soul / soulmate signs listed here but some may experience them all. It is also impottant to note that these signs alone do not determine someone to be a twin soul because such signs are also very common amonst karmic soul mates and companion soulmates too. The twin soul signs are not a means of "proof" or 100% validation to determine a twin soul connection. Also we can experience these signs with more than one person because we all have more than one soul connection.

Listed below, are signs that I have experienced and the thousands of clients I have helped over the years.

Signs that you have found your Twin Flame / Soulmate

~ An overwhelming, magnetic attraction

~ An instant or almost instand regognition of their soul

~ Feeling like you KNOW them deep down when you don't know them in the physical

~ A huge empathy towards them

~ Telepathic communication

~ Knowing how they are feeling or what they are thinknig without even saying a word

~ Feeling yourself getting "lost" in their eyes (the eyes truly are the window to the soul)

~ Feeling "complete" when you are near them (they don't make you complete, but they make you remember the feeling of completeness in the Spirit World which is where you know eachother best)

~ You bring the best and worst out in each other

~ Meeting them spurred on a spiritual awakening

~ Meeting them has turned your life upside down

~ You feel drawn back to them no matter how much they have hurt you (don't use the soul connection label as an excuse to allow yourself to be walked all over. Sometimes soul mates and twin flames aren't supposed to stay in each other's lives if the connection is inhealthy or you are just moving in different directions. Just because you are twin flames or soul mates, it does not necessarily mean this is the man / woman for you)

~ The love doesn't feel just romantic, it is felt more in the soul

~ You can feel eachother's emotions even when you are apart

~ A feeling that you are so close that you feel related, like a brother or sister

~ Lucid dreams of each other

~ Intense fears come up about getting close and being hurt / rejected

~ Everything that needs healing within comes to the surface

~ You will have many synchronicities where you will keep "accidentally" bumping into each other, texting or calling at the same time, making the same drastic changes in your lives at the same time etc etc

~ Crying with sheer joy at the gratefulness you have of being brought together again in this lifetime

~ The desire to be together nomatter what obstacles are in your way (please note though, that many soul connections have purposely come together when there are obstacles in the way. often the obstacles are insurmountable in order for us to learn lessons (karmic soul mates) but occassionally, the obstacles are designed to be overcome. You must be honest with yourself and see if the obstacles are really too great because you are supposed to see the connection as purely a learning platform for growth

~ The ability to dream of the twin flame / soulmate in their current state which can later be verified as accurate

~ When you are together it is as if time stands still

~ When you are together, everything else around you seems to fall away because you simply don't notice it anymore


~ Strangers in the street stare at you both when you are together because your love shines through so brightly

~ You can complete each other's sentences or answer questions that the other is thinking in their head but has not yet verbalised

~ You can be sexually intimate without ever being in the same place through your spiritual energies

~ You see signs from the universe everywhere that point to your connection and possibly even number patterns 1111, 222 etc (please note, these signs may not be trying to show you that you are meant to be together romantically. often these twin soul / soul mate signs are simply to show you that you are on the right path for now or to take notice of the lessons you are meant to learn through this connection)

~ The realisation that you have met before in previous lifetimes

~ You met through strange circumstances where you can see the sychronicities mapped out to created your destined meeting

~ You know the two of you have been brought together for a spiritual purpose

~ You feel so awake since meeting your twin flame / soul mate. Before your meeting you can see how asleep you were in life

~ You enjoy GIVING in this connection

~ The connection is immediate as if no time has passed since you met in a past life

~ There is a strong sense that you will be together for eternity in some way even if in this lifetime your physical bodies are not together, you know your souls always will be (please note, you can feel this with more than one soul connection)

~ You strongly feel you have come together to learn lessons from each other

~ Your twin flame / soul mate inspires you like no other to live your dreams, work on your goals and share your spiritual truth with the world

~ There is nothing hidden between the two of you because the telepathic bond cannot hide a thing even if the physical bodies try to hold the truth back

~ You feel UNCONDITIONAL love for each other

~ You see the beauty in yourself through the reflection of the twin flame/ soulmate

~ You automatically have trust, patience and acceptance of each other’s weaknesses.

~ You feel closer to God through meeting this connection